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After the sudden, tragic shooting death of Rudy, Mary Purvis, the missionary in Guatemala, began reaching out to his friends in Pacux, a small village close to where Mary resided with Rudy years before. Mary and other leaders in the village wanted to provide a place where kids and teenagers could go to feel safe and have fun. When they started meeting, the Youth Group consisted of about eighteen teenagers but now has grown to nearly seventy youth in less than a year. 


The Outreach Center shown here will serve as a place to work with the kids and teenagers and help them with the challenges they face. Gangs, teenage pregnancy, street violence, drugs, alcohol, suicide, cutting and abuse are all real issues for kids and teens in Guatemala. In addition, the Center will be used for many other things including housing visiting teams from the USA, working with the elderly and having after-school tutoring available.

The Donations made through Rudy's Hands have already gone to purchase the 5 lots that the Center will sit on and Phase 1 of the building is already completed. Future donations will go towards the final construction of La Fuente. 


Rudy land.png

The Center will be located on a beautiful piece of land in Pacux, Guatemala, shown here. It will be named "The Fountain" or "La Fuente" due to it representing the Fountain of Life found in Jesus. 

See our progress!

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